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With more than 60 years of combined plastics expertise, our experienced engineers can help your organization optimize its plastic part designs for:

- Dimensional Stability

- Component Reduction

- Ease of Manufacture

- Metal Replacement

- Material Selection

- Weatherability

- Durability

- Asthetics

- Standards Compliance


Every new project brings its own unique challeges. Our experience working with a wide range of organizations accross multiple industries allows us to bring new ideas to the table and to think “out of the box”. CPTechnologies also offers a wide variety of tools to help optimize each new design including:

- Traditional SLA’s

- Urethane Reproductions

- Direct Machining

- CPT Rapid Tooling (provides functional molded plastic parts in the specifiedmaterials in as little as 3 weeks)

- Mold Flow Analysis

- Environmental Testing

- Qualification (PPAP, IPP, Control Plan)

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