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Technology Overview

Solid colors, woodgrains, brushed metal, or bright chrome. Glossy, matte, or textured. Plastic parts are coming out of the mold with every kind of feel and finish. In-mold decorating with formable films is branching out rapidly as manufacturers seek lower-cost and environmentally friendly alternatives to paint and other secondary processes. Already established in auto interior trim and hand-held electronics, the new frontiers for IMD are large automotive parts and home appliances.


The IMD or film-insert decorating process starts with a thin plastic sheet that is printed, coated, or pigmented for decorative effect. It is die cut into a blank

and thermoformed to the shape of the final part. After being trimmed, it is then placed in an injection cavity, where it is back-molded with a compatible substrate.

The surface can be a solid color, metallic appearance, woodgrain, or symbols and graphics. Clear or tinted windows can also be created with the process.


2D In-Mold Technology 3D

Flat diecut film is

held in place by a

static charge during



In-Mold Technology

Three dimensional formed

applique is inserted into the

tool at the start of the

molding cycle.

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